APEX Gecko Plate Stealth - Shaped to match SBX snowboards // SOLD OUT! Ask for alternative...

APEX Gecko Plate Stealth
100% aerospace carbon fibre for performance and lightweight. Absorbs the chatter of rutted BX courses, delivers increased performance. Reduces the chances of toe and heel drag. Light enough for pumping the rollers. 

It uses only three bumpers instead of five compared to the Gecko Cross. The bumpers are very hard Delrin and not the soft urethane. Shorter insert extensions so the entire plate is only 10mm elevated. The plate is 640 grams compared to 1000 grams for the Gecko Cross.

Legal for use in all FIS and Para events.

The most extensively tested product in Apex history. Tested and approved by SBX racers and coaches from World Cup, Noram and Para disciplines.


  • 100% aerospace grade carbon fiber deck
  • One set of ultra responsive Delrin bumpers
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Compatible with 4x4 insert pattern only
  • Width adjustable to fit all SBX snowboards

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APEX Gecko Plate Stealth

  • Brand: APEX
  • Model: 2019-2020
  • Availability: Contact Us