ELAN Snowboards

ELAN Snowboards - More than 25 years in the snowboard game!

The Elan Snowboards brand is based on a foundation with two distinct pillars of principle. The first is simple. Strong passion for snowboarding. This feeling comes from the excitement of watching this sport progress culturally and athletically. And it comes from the sheer joy felt when strapped in and flying down a mountain. Desire to share this passion is expressed by developing equipment that enhances the riding experience and makes snowboarding more accessible to everyone. The second pillar of foundation is a firm commitment to combining creativity with lots of hard work, to create game changing technologies and designs. These advancements make Elan products tougher, smarter, and just plain better. They allow to put more performance and value into everything Elan produces. The result is a collection that provides alpine boards that meet and exceed the performance demands of a wide range of riders. 


ELAN Ballistic SL

ELAN Ballistic SL

ELAN Ballistic SL - Top Slalom Performance!The Elan snowboard race collection features two..

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