F2 Eliminator Carve - DUAL TGF soft boots with optimum fit

F2 ELIMINATOR CARVE - Extremely torsion resistant boot, specially designed for carving needs and hard slopes, new gripsole that absorbs hard impacts, outer boot made of durable ICA leather, elaborately crafted, extra thick padded liner with additional ankle reinforcement and extra strap for fixation, inner shoe with fastlace fixation, preformed 3D tongue, Dual TGF system.

TGF System - By simply turning the wheel in one direction, first the lower part of the foot is fixed, so that the heel sits firmly in the boot. By turning in the other direction, the upper part of the shaft is fixed directly, which is the same as a template setting for a hard shell shoe. Precise and fast adjustment in just a few seconds!

SIZE: MONDO 25.0 - 30.0

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F2 Eliminator Carve

  • Brand: F2
  • Model: 2023-2024
  • Availability: Pre-Order