• SG Full Race Pro Team

SG Full Race Pro Team - The board of the champions

SG Full Race Pro Team by Sigi Grabner - Limited Edition. The top level race alpine snowboard for competition racing and true highspeed. UNIQUE AND HOT!

Additional insert line. Full Race setup.

LENGTHS: SG Full Race Pro Team 57 (157cm), SG Full Race Pro Team 63 (163cm), SG Full Race Pro Team 75 (175cm), SG Full Race Pro Team 80-19 (180cm), SG Full Race Pro Team 85 (185cm) and SG Full Race Pro Team 85-19 (185cm).


  • SG Special Race Core
  • Titanal®-Carbon Setup
  • Plate Inserts
  • MultiTech Dampening
  • Advanced Sidecut
  • Aluminium Tail Bar
  • RCR Rocker
  • 4×2 Standard Insert Pattern
  • NanoCarbon® Race Base
  • Stone Grind

(all measures in mm):

FULL RACE PRO TEAM57637580-198585-19
Overall Length157016301750180018501850
Running Length140014601580163016801680
Nose Length120120120120120120
Tail Length505050505050
Nose Width251260245239250240
Waist Width190203190190202192
Tail Width231240222214229219
Avg. Sidecut Radius100001180015300192002030020300
Stance Range440-560 460-580 460-580 460-580 460-580 460-580
Insert Pattern4×24×24×24×24×24×2
Suggested Settings
Reference Stance480500500500500500
Angles Front45°-57°45°-57°45°-57°45°-57°45°-57°45°-57°
Angles Back43°-54°43°-54°43°-54°43°-54°43°-54°43°-54°
Edge Tuning Base0,5°-1°0,5°-1°0,5°-1°0,5°-1°0,5°-1°0,5°-1°
Edge Tuning Side87°-88°87°-88°87°-88°87°-88°87°-88°87°-88°

スノーボード • Snowboard • Tavola • Deska • 스노우 보드 • Board • Tabla • Boarde • Σανίδας • Daska • Tábua • Prkno • Brett • Сноуборд

SG Full Race Pro Team 2023-2024

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SG Full Race Pro Team

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